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The Bright Side-2008 and Now

In 2008 the financial markets were suffering, and so were we.  The media reporting of the Dow was continuous and we were given minute-by-minute micro reporting about the state of our economic system here in the U.S.   The only ray of sunshine I found in the reporting was from an article called “The Bright Side”.  To learn more, please click here.

This might be a good time to reflect on how you felt in 2008 and to think about how we all arrived to 2013 (when the Dow hit 15,000).

Money is not all about numbers, it is also about feelings and emotions.  Please read the article and enjoy.


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Dow Jones Industrial Average, huh?

registeredlogoWriting an article about the Dow Jones. Do you remember how many companies make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Do you hear about the DOW every day and don’t have a clue what it is about ? Most people don’t so that is why I’m writing about it. The media reports about it five days a week (when the market is open) and evaluates it over the weekend, but what does it all mean? I bet more people know how a team gets to the Superbowl than they know what significance (if any) the  Dow”s ups and downs have to us.

Coming soon…the answer.

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