Why the Financial Freedom Party for Women®?


(The following is an excerpt from Financial Freedom Party for Women®,  A Little Book about Money for Women, Workbook Edition).  The most recent edition may be purchased by clicking here.

When I joined the financial services industry as a licensed insurance producer, then a registered representative, I did so because I saw a need for middle-income women to have useful and appropriate information and financial solutions. That was important to me because I never felt I had affordable access to good financial advice. I soon discovered that the securities and insurance industries have evolved slowly over the years and the educational formats were very traditional. Most presentations were quite technical, pretty boring, and did not easily attract an audience, let alone audiences of women.

The Financial Freedom Party (FFP) was created when I found many other women brokers, like myself, were frustrated when women wouldn’t show up at financial seminars. Only 3-4 women would attend, even though we mailed invitations with plenty of lead time, followed up, and targeted our efforts to women who needed this information, and who were not already working with a financial services professional.

One evening I attended a Pampered Chef

TM party hosted by my next-door neighbor. She had made a last minute decision to have the party, and gave her guests about two-day notice. Nonetheless, when I arrived at her home, there were thirty or more women in attendance, and at the end of the presentation they were all buying — and buying “lots.” It became clear to me that we needed to change our approach in the financial services industry. From this experience and with the help from three other women brokers, the Financial Freedom Party concept began and the format was developed.

The response to the Financial Freedom Party was positive. Some of the attendees became insurance or investment clients. Others just simply benefited from the information provided and became more confident about their financial decisions. Everyone who attended the Financial Freedom Party enjoyed the casual and supportive atmosphere and the opportunity to learn in a party environment.


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