Relationship Bank Account

I love Kimberley’s way of taking the financial concept of a bank account and equating it to a tool for creating and maintaining relationships.

Marriage Is A Commitment

I remember years ago someone asked me how my relationship bank account was.  I did not know what they were talking about.  They began sharing about how just like putting money into your bank account, you also have to make deposits into your relationship account or you could be overdrawing from the relationship.

Thinking about that time and what was said, I have discovered over the years different ways to make deposits and different kinds of account transactions.

They say you get out of marriage what you put into marriage.

We often are great at the withdrawing from our emotional accounts.  Taking what we need and sometimes maybe taking our spouse for granted.  We do have to make sure in relationship that we are depositing in more than what we need to withdraw.  We always want to have a little leftover savings for those times we really need to…

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  1. Thank you for taking time out and reblogging for marriage. There is a currency for all we do. If time is money, then so would be all other exchanges by the value you place in them. Of course there is so often no price you can calculate when it comes to building relationships.

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