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Saving, Investing, and Women Friends

This posting is too long and too much fun to shrink up to fit this page.  So please take the time and click here to learn more.  It is about saving, investing, girls night out, travel, friendships, persistence, and so much fun.  Enjoy!



What is Middle Class income/lifestyle these days?

I have been inspired by a sign in the wine section of the local HEB (a grocery store) and a beer mug from a brew pub two of my wonderful female friends and I invested in during the 1990s.  So I will be posting soon about saving, investing, and “girls nights out”.  Yes, they all tie together.

Until then, I wanted to share the link to an interesting article about the lifestyles of some folks who consider themselves middle class.  Do you see your story in this article?  Just click here.


Dow Jones Industrial, huh?

Here it is, a short version of what the Dow Jones Industrial Average represents and how it got here.  It is also a chance for you to see how all the reporting by the media may, or may not, warrant your attention.

Just click here.

The more we learn about financial management, the more comfortable we become with our personal financial lives.



Goals and Couples

Yes, I am writing the article about the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  It is an important concept to understand (since we hear about it every day, often in hyped-up sound-bite reporting by the media).  Since I have stored my favorite WallStreet book called The Great Game, The Emergence of Wall Street as a World Power, 1653-2000, in the shed under tons of stuff, I ordered one from ABE Books.  Nice price and now I am becoming reacquainted with the history of country’s financial structure along with its ups and downs.  Boring to some, but not to me!!!
As a diversion from all that Wallstreet reading,  I am following a blog by Kimberley Borgens and wanted to share something from it with you.  She blogs at  www.marriageisacommitment.wordpress.com and reading it brought me back to goal setting and relationships.  Kimberley is a Facebook friend I met through my friend Gale.  Gale and Kimberley are both entrepreneurs and accountability coaches.  I love the way Kimberley has written about marriage and goal setting.  Below is the posting I made to her blog.   I hope you will find your way to read her postings.
I wrote:

The focus of my financial services life has been around women, their friends, and families, and their financial goals, dreams, and solutions.  Sometimes the woman was married or in a committed relationship.  Other women were single, having been divorced or widowed.  Some had never been married and always made independent decisions about money and money issues.  Honestly, the easiest clients to work with were women who were single, or those women who had an understanding within the relationship that they were the lead on financial matters, or had a husband who listened and freely collaborated unemotionally about goals and decisions.  I would give each a budget sheet and ask them to give their estimates of monthly expenditures.  Then we would compare them.  Couples with good communications and clear understanding of their money management agreements did this with ease.  Others often learned new things, or things they wished they hadn’t.  On occasion I could sense the relationship vaporizing right in front of me.  Having that goal conversation and then attaching the money part of reaching that goal for those requiring money (some goals are not money things at all).  Yes, communication and goal setting is so important.  I think we find the term goal to be a little clinical, so basically the question is, what do you want to accomplish, how do you want to accomplish it, and when!



Dow Jones Industrial Average, huh?

registeredlogoWriting an article about the Dow Jones. Do you remember how many companies make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Do you hear about the DOW every day and don’t have a clue what it is about ? Most people don’t so that is why I’m writing about it. The media reports about it five days a week (when the market is open) and evaluates it over the weekend, but what does it all mean? I bet more people know how a team gets to the Superbowl than they know what significance (if any) the  Dow”s ups and downs have to us.

Coming soon…the answer.

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