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Life Insurance and Smiles


I am lucky to have Facebook friends who are people I met when I was a financial advisor and insurance agent. We worked together to get them a financially appropriate solution to their life insurance needs. Now I watch as the families post photos of the adults (who change a little) and the children who keep growing and changing a lot. Whenever I see photos of them I just have a sense of calmness knowing they are now well in the care of their parents…and that their parents cared enough to plan for the unthinkable. Not everyone needs life insurance, but I believe everyone should have the conversation about what happens “If”.


Hints on Working with Those Who Have Diminished Capacity

Diminished capacity…do you know what that term means? Are you helping someone with diminished capacity manage her or his life? This FFP Talk mini-newsletter is designed to give you some hints to make things go better. Just click here.

Spending Habits, My Book Story

I have a Kindle.

I love my Kindle.  However, on occasion I am conflicted by my commitment to not buy any books, and my desire to use my Kindle.  Yes, there are free offerings for Kindle and I appreciate the books I have downloaded for free.  However, about eight years ago I decided I was addicted to buying and reading books.  I preferred to read three or four at a time.  Some were novels, lots were about women  and our lives, and the majority were business books.  My husband would add to our growing collection with his paperback westerns, science fiction, and mystery books.  We had to build shelves to create places to put our books.  After moving them from one place to another it became apparent this habit was EXPENSIVE and it was time to change it. 

 Richard J. Foster writes, “Reject anything that is producing an addiction in you.”  It was time to face reality. I was addicted. I made a conscious decision to purchase no..zero.zippo..books, at least until I was in control of this book thing, and it wasn’t in control of me.  With the help of my book club friends, I learned to rely on library books (we had an awesome library in Aurora, Colorado and now in Port Isabel, Texas), borrow books from friends (I am a very fast reader), and most importantly, to do without.  No more grabbing a book at Wal-Mart on the way to the checkout counter. There have been a couple of times when I had a book in my hand and I coached myself back to the book section to return it.  My trips to those wonderful  book stores which smell like coffee  had become my second home  Now they are places to visit books, not to buy them.  The few books I purchased were for business research.  I often share my books  with clients, hoping the book would return.  Not always true.  Every time I wanted to use my Robert Kiyosaki Cash Flow Quadrant book, I would find myself going to bargain book sellers because I had given my copies away. 

Only after being “clean” for a couple of years, did I allow myself to purchase a few selected books, usually used!   Our supply of books was carefully sorted and sent off to new homes through the church bazaar or the local ARC thrift shop.  The money I saved was significant, probably about $1500-$2000 a year.  My life still went on.  More to come next time.   Debra

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