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Great Way to Start 2013

So excited.! The Workbook Edition of Financial Freedom Party for Women, A Little Book about Money for Women is now available!  The first section contains financial education targeted to women who may not know a lot about financial management, or those needing a review.  The second part is a personal accountability workbook.  Easy to use and oh so private.  Nobody needs to see it but you…or your advisor. If you have been saying, next year I will get a handle on my financial life, this tool is for you!  Personally I gave up on New Years resolutions, but no matter when you resolve to do better, this is a great tool to help you learn and focus.

Order at this special roll-out price of $10.  Good until Jan 15, 2013. Soon the book will be on Amazon.com so this is a special intro price.



Why blog about Financial Freedom Party for Women?

It is pretty apparent that a lot of info is available in the popular media about one of our favorite subjects, money.  In spite of that, I talk to a lot of women who don’t feel they understand the basics and really want sometehing which is more personal to them.  That is why I created  the Financial Freedom Party for Women.  I like taking complicated concepts and information and putting them in fun and understandable format.  The FFP does that and this blog is a chance to put a more positive spin on a subject which doesn’t always seem fun, financial management.   For starters, you can see our logo is more whimisical and inspired than the normal analytical approach we see on TV or in magazines.

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