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Women and Money, Time for Women to Teach Each Other

Working on the laptop and doing some website changes.  Kind of listening to the TV in the other room.  Realized the morning show out of Austin (Texas) had a speaker explaining how the role of women in personal finance has changed.  Started actively listening to statistics about how women own homes, are Chief Financial Officers (CFO) of their lives and the lives of their families, and how we care for our families and often other generations of friends and family members.  Basically the conversation hit all the topics we as women already know because we live it.

Then I really paid attention and realized the speaker was– a man.   So I walked to the TV to see the male speaker telling the woman talk host all this information.  The visual reminded me that about 70% of the people in the financial advisory and investment communities in the U.S. are men, even though there are more women than men in the  overall population.

Oh HAPPY DAY when we see as many women financial advisors, brokers, insurance agents, and teachers of financial literacy in our neighborhoods as we see Starbucks or Walgreens.

Doesn’t it seem odd to you that men remain our biggest resource for financial “stuff”?  We can change that!

This isn’t about men versus women.  It is about choices.  Some women prefer to learn from men.  Others prefer to learn from women.  With such under-representation of women in the advisory and investment communities, we as women need to teach each other the basics to balance out the equation.  This gives us a choice in who is teaching us, and benefiting from it.

Thanks for reading my posts and being interested enough in your financial future to learn the fundamentals.  Please help by sharing  your knowledge so the next “experts” on the morning shows are women.  It could be you.  Start in your living room with a few friends.  Buy my book to start, or find other resources which speak to you.  It’s easier than you think.






Becoming a Blogger

Yesterday I received a WordPress notice congratulating me on the third anniversary of  my WordPress blogging.  The congrats really go to my friend LKC who insisted I learn to blog and  pulled out her laptop and watched while I created a WordPress account.  This is probably the way a lot of us start,  with friends dragging us into it.  However, we were on a “girls” weekend retreat in the mountain town of Black Hawk in Colorado.  Leaving work, family, and the big city behind, we were  free to go where our minds and pocketbooks would take us.  Learning to blog was not really ever on the shopping list of things to do.

We were staying at the AmeriStar a lovely casino/hotel/spa which looks like it was dropped into a space on the side of a mountain.  It was spring and I was wearing my standard island attire  of shorts and flip-flops.  The weather was that nice, for a day.  At the end of the weekend we caught a major spring snow storm  on the way down the mountain and those flip-flops turned out to be a really bad decision.

LKC taught me how to create a blog.  I would sit in the room and work on what she taught me, she would go to the spa.  We would take a break and sit in the outdoor hot tub, then we would go back and work on the mechanics of WordPress.  Now it seems pretty simple, but  three years ago  I was barely a Facebook user, so it seemed tricky.  In between playing the slots, walks around town, a few visits to the bar, and some nice meals, I managed to learn enough to create my first blog.

Since then I have launched my www.ffptalk.com and helped others such as  www.fitfrog.org (a non-profit started by a friend) and www.hadsallassoc.com (for my husband).

LKC also loaned me the book Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk.  Being a good and supportive friend, she hasn’t asked me to give it back, yet.  I am glad.  My personal goal is to reach 9.3 million women between the age of 16-64 with basic financial management information in my Financial Freedom Party for Women.  A big goal which only seems possible because of the power of the internet,social media, and the curiosity many women have about financial management.

I learned about www.scribd.com from Crush It and now have articles covering financial management and other topics published there.

For me it took only one weekend in the mountains, a patient friend, and an environment conductive to learning and I was hooked.

I encourage those of you with something to say and a talent for saying it to give it a try.

Until next time

Debra Hadsall